How Our Direct Link Monitoring Services Provide Peace of Mind

How Our Direct Link Monitoring Services Provide Peace of Mind

When you’ve spent 40+ years in your house, nowhere else will feel like home. It’s for this reason that so many people are choosing to age in place — live in their residence rather than move into an assisted living or nursing home. And because of this, the demand for in-home aid has never been greater.

Depending on their age and needs, we’ve found that many seniors are fully capable of living alone in their home but feel more comfortable knowing that someone is watching over them. It was for this reason that we are proud to offer Direct Link® monitoring services at all of our Home Helpers®; Home Care franchises.

What is Direct Link® Monitoring?

Our Direct Link® services provide peace of mind to clients and their families through 24/7 monitoring. Whether your clients live independently or with a Home Helpers caregiver, they’re encouraged to consider Direct Link® monitoring as an added security measure.

Should you or your loved one experience a medical emergency, our system can contact medical personnel for safe and immediate help.

Direct Link® Monitoring — an Additional Revenue Opportunity

Because clients do not need to have in-home care in order to purchase our proprietary monitoring services, we can provide franchisees with an even greater revenue opportunity.

Typically, our monitoring services are less expensive than other in-home options. This makes them attractive to those who don’t feel like they need a caregiver yet or who are on a fixed income.

If you’re someone who’s looking to make a positive difference in the lives of senior citizens, become a part of our successful franchise!

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