Why Parents are Drawn to Franchising

Why Parents are Drawn to Franchising

It’s true what they say — becoming a parent changes virtually everything in your life. But one thing it doesn’t have to change? Your entrepreneurial aspirations!

Becoming a parent doesn’t have to put your entrepreneurial dream on hold. In fact, more and more parents are finding themselves drawn to the idea of franchising because it offers them everything they’re looking for as they pursue their professional goals.

Parents In Franchising

Franchises are a Lower-Risk Investment

Many parents don’t want to jeopardize their family’s financial security with a risky business endeavor.

Fortunately, when it comes to franchising or starting your own business from scratch, most people realize why franchising is a lower-risk investment. A nationwide franchise, such as Home Helpers®, has a clear and successful business model that can be replicated in most any territory. market. We also carry a recognized brand name, meaning you’ll instantly be associated with a business that people know and trust.

Flexible Hours that Fit any Schedule

No matter what industry you’re in or position you hold, “work-life balance” is a term everyone is hearing more and more these days. And when it comes to people with children, the typical 9-5 model just doesn’t work for them.

Make no mistake, our franchisors work very hard, especially during the first few years of their businesses. But as a Home Helpers® franchisor, you’re able to create your schedule around vacations, family time, and hobbies.

Unlimited Professional Growth

Rather than hoping or waiting for a promotion, franchise owners are in control of their professional life. After the success in their first territory, many of our franchisees go on to expand into further available territories nearby.

Passing Down a Legacy

Many entrepreneurs get into business for themselves with the hope of one day passing it down to their children. And because many children of business owners grow up around the business, they eventually take it over after they graduate from college or once their parents retire.

But even if children don’t take over the family business, studies show that children of entrepreneurs are 60% more likely to become entrepreneurs themselves. And because they grew up learning about the benefits and challenges of running a business, they’re more likely to be successful in their own endeavors.

No business degree? No problem. You can depend on us to support you when it comes to finding the ideal location, training your staff, advertising, and marketing for success.

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