Follow Your Passion with a Recession-Resilient, In-Demand Franchise

Follow Your Passion with a Recession-Resilient, In-Demand Franchise

In the 1880s, lightbulbs replaced candles. In the 1900s, cars replaced buggies. And a few years ago, Charlie Craig watched first-hand as digital media took over the printing industry he had belonged to for years.

And while so many others would look at this as a setback, Charlie saw it as an opportunity to take his career in a new direction. Charlie had always been interested in joining a franchise, but it wasn’t until his Dad got sick that he realized how important Home Care was, and how resilient the industry was.

“Nobody knows exactly what Home Care involves until you need it. I decided I wanted to make a difference, not just collect a paycheck,” said Charlie.

Finding a Business That Puts Care Above All Else

For more than two decades, we’ve been the extended family that’s there for people when their loved ones can’t be. By delivering the type of Care we’d want for our own families, we’ve built a business that lives up to our motto of Exceptional Care by Exceptional Caregivers.

Joining a franchise is a big and exciting decision, so it’s important to do your due diligence. From day one, Charlie knew he wanted to be a part of a business that displayed the qualities that are important to him.

“People doing this type of work want to help, and Home Helpers® treats them like family. Emma Dickison, the CEO and President, is warm and down to earth. David Ogilby has been my business coach and is also provided by Home Helpers to all franchisees. Their insight from working with other franchisees, and understanding of best practices, is invaluable. They are engaged in the business and share the same feelings about care for patients,” explained Charlie.

Adapting to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Like so many other industries, the COVID-19 pandemic presented both new challenges and new opportunities for us here at Home Helpers. As hospitals became overrun with COVID-19 patients, more people began seeing the advantages of in-Home Care for unrelated issues, since it significantly lowered their chances of contracting COVID-19 and other illnesses.

But we understood that even welcoming someone into your home during such unusual and stressful times is not easy, which is why we were already prepared with PPE before Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines were even released. Our CEO & President, Emma Dickison, was even invited to attend one of Home Care 100’s Virtual Coronavirus Task Force meetings.

As a relatively young business owner, Charlie quickly realized just how important it was to have a team by his side. “We had one of the top employment law firms providing written documentation of what to do or not do. We couldn’t have done this alone,” Charlie said.

Franchisees can also be found on regular happy hour Zoom meetings, discussing new challenges they’ve come across and offering suggestions to one another.

The Home Care Business is Only Expected to Grow

Unlike so many other businesses that closed their doors this year, the Home Care industry is only expected to grow over the next several years. Thanks to both an aging population and the growing desire to live at home for as long as possible, the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects a 34% growth in employment for home-health aides and personal care aides by 2029.

As an essential business, Home Helpers® Home Care is proud to be helping our seniors stay healthy and safe during these uncertain times. If you’re someone who’s looking to make a positive difference in the lives of senior citizens, become a part of our successful franchise!

Make someone’s life easier while delivering an exceptional experience by reaching out to our team at (844) 899-8801 or contacting us online.