See What Our Franchisees Are Saying

  • Michael Gonzalez
    Home Helpers of DuPage Suburbs

    “As I began to do more research and saw the need that was out there for people, like my Grandmother and our family, I felt like this was something I would have a huge passion for, to help other families, The difference of choosing Home Helpers over other competitors, is the people.“

  • Julie Bracewell
    Home Helpers of St. Louis

    “I was a caregiver, I started out that way and then eventually I thought why not own an agency. What matters to the people we take care of are the relationships that you build.“

  • Chris Gerardi
    Home Helpers of Bloomingdale

    “There are really a couple of life changing experiences that I went through that brought me to home care. This is a perfect combination of my life experience with my family“

  • Tim Bireley
    Home Helpers of Greater Milwaukee

    “I found Home Helpers and I've been very happy.“

  • Stephen Davis
    Home Helpers of Montgomery

    “When I retired from the Air Force in 2009, I decided to pursue my dream of owning a business. I had a friend who advised that I choose a business based on my personal interests. As it turns out, caring for others and especially helping out my fellow Veterans is something that has been very rewarding.“

  • Rick C & Teresa Nelson
    Home Helpers of Denver, CO & Pocatello, ID

    “When I went to the Home Helpers office for their Discovery Day, the staff at the National Support Center made my decision super easy. They were enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and they definitely made me feel like I was part of their team right from the beginning.“

  • Mitch Williams
    Home Helpers of San Mateo

    “Originally we looked at this franchise because my wife wanted to do something more meaningful. We picked Home Helpers because we really liked the feel and size of the company. We also liked the name because for us Home Helpers, it was kind of obvious what it was all about.“

  • Mike & Mary Doepke
    Home Helpers of Hinsdale, IL

    “It's so important to be compassionate. You have to show compassion in everything that you do. Families will see through that if you are not a compassionate person.“

  • Bob & Aimee Hartwiger
    Home Helpers of Warsaw

    “I knew right away we were good at it. I spent 27 years with the same fast food restaurant chain. Aimee had also worked in the restaurant business. But I knew from the fact that we always built sales, we had a lot of repeat customers, and always got compliments, we always got involved. I knew as long as I remained in an industry where I could develop employees and therefore take care of the customers - then it doesn't really get a whole lot better than that.“

  • Beth Dow
    Home Helpers of Georgia & Alabama

    “My Home Helpers why started back with my grandparents. That's why I started doing Home Helpers. It's because if it is right for the family they should be able to keep their loved ones at home and they shouldn't die doing that.“