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Home Helpers® Home Care Franchisee Advocates for Home Care Legislation

In today's fast-paced world, where the demands of modern life often eclipse compassion and care, it's reassuring to know that there is a service franchise like Home Helpers® Home Care and its nationwide network of dedicated franchisees. Today, we wish to acknowledge our franchisee Howard Stein, for his recent actions in Washington, D.C. at the Home Care National Advocacy Day.

In The News

Featured in a recent TapInto article titled "Home Helpers® Home Care of Monmouth County Delivers Critical Message to Lawmakers," Howard Stein was highlighted for his compassionate efforts. Alongside other Caregivers and franchisees, Howard stepped forward to deliver a vital message to lawmakers, advocating for better support and resources for seniors in need.

"We had the pleasure and privilege to first to be greeted by U.S. Representatives Madeline Dean (D-PA) and Adrian Smith (R-NE). They both expressed their appreciation of home care providers, and it was an inspiring start to the day." -Home Helpers® Home Care Franchisee Howard Stein

Raising Awareness

Recognizing the importance of quality home care for veterans and seniors and its rapidly increasing demand, Howard empathizes with the daily challenges they face. Like many of his fellow franchisees, his actions reflect a genuine desire to positively impact the lives in his community. The article emphasizes how Howard's dedication extends beyond providing care; he actively engages with lawmakers to raise awareness about the critical issues affecting seniors and advocates for necessary changes. It also specifically mentions the initiatives and bills with some details.

“We’ve always cared for our clients like family, and now we must leverage every tool at our disposal to ensure we can continue to provide the best level of care possible. Our loved ones that choose to age in place should be able to do so and there is significant work that needs to happen in order to ensure the system can support the trends of significant growing demand.”  - Home Helpers® Home Care Franchisee Howard Stein

Beneficial Relations & Qualities

Howard Stein's leadership qualities shine through as he garners support from his service franchise and from the wider community. By leveraging the Home Helpers® Home Care brand and our 26 years of experience, Howard has successfully amplified his message, bringing attention to the urgent needs of others in Monmouth County.

Home Helpers® Home Care values and supports franchisees like Howard Stein for their exceptional service and commitment to advocating for those requiring help at home. We actively encourage franchisees to take an active role in their communities, making a lasting difference in the lives of those they serve. With franchisees like Howard, our mission to enhance the quality of life for individuals with special needs becomes a tangible reality.

Joining Forces for Good

The civic and potential financial benefits of having a Home Helpers® Home care franchise are enormous. Backed by our solid reputation and extensive support systems, entrepreneurs can build a flourishing business, contribute to their community, and enrich the lives of others through compassionate care. It's a combination that makes Home Helpers® Home Care an exceptional choice for motivated leaders ready to make a difference. Learn more today at this link.


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