The 4 Pillars of Our Cared-4℠ Comprehensive Care Program

The 4 Pillars of Our Cared-4℠ Comprehensive Care Program

Our Cared-4℠ Comprehensive Care Program was crafted from two years’ worth of research, creating an in-home program that the Home Helpers family can be proud of. In an effort to reduce the number of avoidable hospitalizations and readmissions, as well as increase client satisfaction, this care program uses a 4-pillar approach to provide expert care better than ever before!

Providing the Best Care Possible is Our #1 Priority

The 4 pillars of Cared-4℠ were developed with the mindset that in-home care allows for better outcomes for those clients who have been discharged. These pillars are nutrition, continuous monitoring, wellness check, and companionship.


A nutritious and balanced diet is essential for senior patients. Achieving this on their own can sometimes be difficult or even impossible. Cared-4℠ ensures that each client is properly informed on their  nutritional needs and has access to good, healthy food.


In-home monitoring technology provides peace of mind to clients and their families around the clock. The Cared-4℠ program comes equipped with monitoring devices and medical alert systems that allow clients access to their care team at any hour. This also provides peace of mind for clients and their loved ones.


At times, it can be hard for elderly clients to keep a schedule. With regular wellness calls, our care teams will keep the client informed and remind them when it’s time to eat, drink, and take their medication.


Home Helpers is dedicated to providing care in more ways than one. Keeping senior clients mentally engaged through conversation and outings will help with their mental health, as well as provide much-needed companionship.

As the industry’s most comprehensive care program, Cared-4℠ raises the bar and setsHome Helpers’s world-class care apart. Our commitment to providing holistic top-notch care for clients gives them the opportunity to thrive and live independently in their own homes.

We are proud to be helping our seniors stay healthy through our programs. If you’re someone who’s looking to make a positive difference in the lives of senior citizens, become a part of our successful franchise!