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Make a Difference by Franchising with Home Helpers® Home Care

By franchising with Home Helpers® Home Care, you make your own decisions, significantly shaping your professional future and the lives within your community. Our franchisees offer home care services that uphold dignity and independence, contributing to the lives of the individuals and families they serve. Franchising with Home Helpers Home Care could become one of the most rewarding business decisions you will make.


When you franchise with Home Helpers® Home Care, you join many other individuals who deeply value community involvement and understand the impact of contributing to the local social fabric. Many of our franchisees focus on building solid relationships, fostering meaningful interactions, and supporting their communities. This commitment extends beyond the services offered—it's about building a legacy of home care that supports and uplifts the entire community.

There are various ways to engage in the community as a Home Helpers Home Care franchisee. Whether sponsoring local events or setting up educational programs, each franchisee can find the right fit for their professional and personal objectives. Supporting youth clubs and sports and offering mentorships are also excellent avenues for contributing to the community's future and broadening the reach of your franchise.

Home Helpers Home Care franchisees can forge genuine connections that go beyond business by participating in local events and contributing to causes in their area. These invaluable interactions establish a trusted network and open doors to new relationships and opportunities. It's a hands-on approach to complement marketing strategies and will integrate your franchise into the core of the community.


At the heart of Home Helpers® Home Care lies a deep commitment to compassion and advocacy. Home Helpers Home Care franchisees are important pillars within their community, acting as champions for the well-being of their clients and the causes affecting their lives.

Our franchisees advocate for the needs of seniors and their Caregivers by navigating the domain of policy and public service. Advocacy is a key component of the Home Helpers Home Care mission, enabling franchisees to help shape an industry that touches the lives of millions. Leveraging the strength of our nationally known brand, franchisees such as Howard Stein demonstrate how to engage in advocacy and community leadership to enact change. These franchisees create a positive ripple effect by participating in events, partnering with charities, and volunteering work.


Home Helpers® Home Care franchisees have ample opportunity for professional growth. One of our goals is to foster your development while minimizing the typical risks and challenges of starting an independent company from scratch. With decades of experience in franchising and home care, franchisees are prepared to handle almost any foreseeable challenge.

Our award-winning franchise model provides a robust support system that encourages continuous learning and development. Home Helpers Home Care offers more than a business blueprint— from comprehensive training to a vast library of resources, franchisees have the tools necessary to expand their knowledge and excel in their business.

Our franchise network is a powerful community, uniting franchisees across the country who share a common ambition. It's a system designed to boost collaboration and collective growth. As part of this network, franchisees benefit from shared knowledge and resources, making achieving their individual business goals easier. Driving forward with a unified vision, the Home Helpers Home Care model emphasizes strength in numbers, where each member contributes to and benefits from the network's collective success.


The home care industry stands out due to its booming growth and has shown resiliency and adaptability during economic shifts. We're in an era where older adults choose to age at home, valuing their independence and comfort above all. As a franchisee of Home Helpers® Home Care, you are at the forefront of fulfilling this growing need, providing home care that allows clients to enjoy the comforts of home while offering their families invaluable peace of mind.

Statistics show an eye-opening reality–a significant portion of adults over 65 require assistance, some of which require daily care. With demographic trends pointing to an expanding elderly population and medical advancements extending life expectancy, Home Helpers Home Care services are in high demand. These statistics illustrate a continuous need for home care services and present an expanding opportunity for franchisees to build a business with a lasting impact.


If you're ready to own a business that facilitates professional growth and impacts people’s lives, then a Home Helpers® Home Care franchise is an ideal opportunity. For many, it's a decision that could bring personal fulfillment and provide the professional framework for a thriving business.

Franchising with Home Helpers Home Care is an opportunity to join a network that values compassion, community, and continued growth. Discover a future where success means more than financial gain—it’s measured by the impact made in the community you serve. Contact us today and learn how you can make a difference with Home Helpers Home Care.


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