Are You Sure You Want to Own Your Own Business?

Are You Sure You Want to Own Your Own Business?

What’s often called “the entrepreneurial spirit” is really better described as a passion. It’s a passion for recognizing a problem and applying the best available solution to solve it for your clients or customers. It’s an even taller order, because the successful entrepreneur must do this in the context of an economic enterprise: You must make a profit.

It’s quite different from the picture painted by grifters with promises of being your own boss and answering to nobody. Business ownership means answering to all sorts of people: most notable customers and vendors. It also requires accountability and discipline.

Being a successful leader means understanding that accountability is a two-way street. You’re accountable for those who depend on your business for their livelihoods and, in the case of Home Helpers, for their security and independence.

It’s not for everybody, but if it’s for you, it can be one of the most fulfilling personal and professional experiences of your life.

As a Home Helpers leader travelling around the country, I am privileged to meet with hundreds of professionals and non-professionals, executives-in-transition and retirees who are considering the entrepreneurial path.) Some realize after considerable discernment that owning a business is not the best use of their talents. For others, business ownership may be perfectly suitable, but franchising just isn’t the right fit.

However, when their skills, personalities and experience are compatible with the Home Helpers model, we all know we’re witnessing the beginning of something truly rewarding for their families and for the people they serve.

In some upcoming posts, I’ll address the considerations we go through in talking to people about business ownership and a few of the questions I ask potential franchisees. I hope you find it useful, and I’d be happy to respond to your thoughts or questions in the comments section of our Facebook community page.