Is In-Home Care for You?

Is In-Home Care for You?

I want to shift a bit and talk about another question that can have a tremendous influence on the degree of your success as a franchise owner. That is the important consideration of whether the type of franchise business you’re considering is the right sector for you.

In-home care requires a unique set of characteristics that may not be demanded in every business opportunity. But as Home Helpers has expanded to serve more than 900 local communities over the last decade, we’ve recognized several qualities that our most successful owners have in common.

  • Compassion
    Do you have a natural understanding for the challenges confronting the clients you’ll serve, as well as for the hopes and worries of their families and other loved ones?
  • Patience
    Caregiving is a challenging job and those you employ will come to it with a variety of previous experiences. Training and coaching the members of your team to care for your clients and their families with compassion and professionalism requires teaching as well as leadership.
  • Diplomacy
    Coordinating care for a treasured member of someone’s family is an emotional undertaking on many levels – personally and professionally. Owners sometimes get caught in the middle of it and should be ready to coach their Caregivers on how to respond when clients or other family members express frustration or confusion or strike out with hurtful comments. No matter the circumstance, the Home Helpers representatives always must respond tactfully and with compassion.
  • Trust
    Working with client families in their homes is such an intimate relationship that it can hardly be compared to a mere business transaction. You and the Caregivers who represent you need to be able to protect the privacy of those you serve without exception.
  • Respect
    Most older adults and people living with disabilities want to remain in their own homes for as long as possible. This is the foundation of Home Helpers, and it requires that you have a natural respect for the dignity and independence of families who put their confidence in us.

Of course, these qualities and many others are necessary to be successful in any honest enterprise. But with in-home care – and among our Home Helpers owners – we find they are vital to success.

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